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Next Generation Democracy Advocates

Youth have always been at the forefront of social movements and struggles in the history of various democratic movements in Asia. ADN believes that the youth is vital, in the continuity of the movement as well as to sustain it for the future. A key priority of the Asia Democracy Network is cultivating next generation leadership of democrats in Asia to join the forces in promotes and defends democracy.



1.  Asia Democracy Academy


From the various consultations, there are needs for more programs to deepen the youth knowledge on democracy including needs to ensure the outreach to the community and grassroots to ensure democracy can be understood. Therefore, we have designed the Asia Democracy School program so that the youth has a platform to develop their framework of participatory democracy. This program aims to institutionalize democracy learning within the context of Asia that is easily accessible to all. The implementation will consist of three phases: development, pilot testing, and expansion.


A comprehensive curriculum is in working progress now which designed for different education and trainings purposes and targeted to the basic/beginner, advance and field Practitioner. The curriculum and manual shall be available in print and electronic version for easy access.


Next phase – Expansion of the Training:  The training aims to reach deeper and wider on the national and sub-national level. Translation into selected popular Asian languages and availability of mentor/trainers plays an important role to spread democracy to the youth-students, NGOs activist professional and religious groups.



2.  ADN Network of Democratic Youth


The need to organize the youth to expose them to diverse issues as well as create connections with different actors relevant to democracy is vital in cultivation of the youth leaders.


ADN’s engagement with youth through the implementation of various programs has provided the opportunity to create a strong youth network in Asia. ADN has continuously encouraged its youth network to actively participate in democracy promotion on their respective capacity as well as take advantage of the opportunities provided by ADN to network with various actors.