February 13, 2020

[EVENT] 2nd Electoral Studies Program (ESP)

December 11-12, Bali, Indonesia In realization of the current challenges of recent elections across Asian region, BAWASLU (Election Supervisory Body of the Republic of Indonesia), in […]
February 2, 2020

[#2020PushBack] 2020, A Year of Push Back Against Democratic Regression

In solidarity with and honoring the brave human rights defenders demanding their rights and justice, defending the very essence of democracy through their sacrifice. * Asia […]
January 29, 2020

[Upcoming Event] Kathmandu Democracy Forum (KMDF) 2020

*** Announcement Kathmandu Democracy Forum will be postponed to be held in later this year. The changed dates are to be announced shortly. Thank you for […]
December 27, 2019

Season’s Greeting from Asia Democracy Network

Asia Democracy Network – ADN along with our democracy advocate partners in the region, would like to express our appreciation to all who have been a critical […]
December 4, 2019

[Media Release] CIVICUS People Power Under Attack 2019 Report

The CIVICUS Monitor is an ongoing research collaboration between global civil society alliance CIVICUS and over 20 research partner organizations that have contributed the bulk of […]
December 3, 2019

[EVENT] Bali Democracy Forum XII – Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) 2019

Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) 2019 will be held under the theme of “Rising Exclusivity and Declining Democracy”! At this year’s Bali Democracy Forum […]
December 2, 2019

[EVENT] Indonesia Peace Builders Forum (IPBF) 2019

“Can Gender Approaches Improve Responses to Violent Extremism?” is this year’s theme at the Indonesia Peacebuilders Forum 2019 organized by the Asia Muslim Action Network Indonesia […]
December 2, 2019

[Upcoming Event] People Power Under Attack – Launch Event of the CIVICUS Monitor Report 2019

  FORUM-ASIA and CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation will be organizing an event to launch this year’s ‘People Power Under Attack’ report from the CIVICUS Monitor, an online […]
November 25, 2019

[STATEMENT] Election Observation Project Statement

  ** This statement is from Election Observation Project, Hong Kong.     Election Observation Project Statement 2019 District Council Election Shows Hong Kong Deserves Democracy […]