[Upcoming Event] Kathmandu Democracy Forum (KMDF) 2020

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December 27, 2019
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February 2, 2020
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*** Announcement

Kathmandu Democracy Forum will be postponed to be held in later this year. The changed dates are to be announced shortly.
Thank you for your kind interest and please let us know should you have any queries.


  • March 19-21, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Kathmandu Democracy Forum (KMDF) 2020 is a joint initiative by the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies (PSCD), Asia Democracy Network (ADN), and the Asia Development Alliance (ADA) in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea to promote democracy and human rights in Asia and beyond, through Sustainable Development Goal 16, since the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development. It is the third forum of a series of Democracy Forums, the first held in Busan, Korea – Busan Democracy Forum (BuDF) and the second in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the Ulaanbaatar Democracy Forum (UBDF).
  • KMDF 2020 is a two and half-day Forum, and through this event ADN aims (1) to assess the state of the implementation of the SDGs, especially Goal 16 in terms of democracy and human rights review; (2) to strengthen collaboration and partnerships among CSOs and other stake-holders on Goal 16; and (3) to develop a long term action plan among CSOs in cooperation with international CSO networks regarding their participation and contribution to the advocacy at the UN Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (Bangkok, March), UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) (July 2020) and other meetings.
  • Importantly we will use this opportunity to deeply assess the current situation and challenges to civic space in Asia, and work with regional and national partners to strategize a push back for 2020. Also, it will be a great opportunity for Asia Democracy Network to assess the impact of our own commitments to the Declarations of the previous meetings such as the Busan Democracy Forum (BuDF) 2018, Ulaanbaatar Democracy Forum (UBDF) and Tokyo Democracy Forum (TDF) in 2019.
  • The KMDF is a multi-stakeholder forum in nature so it will be open to stakeholders including representatives of government and international organizations working on issues related to the SDGs, especially Goal 16. About 200 participants including over 100 participants from Nepal are expected to attend the Forum.