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The CIVICUS Monitor is an ongoing research collaboration between global civil society alliance CIVICUS and over 20 research partner organizations that have contributed the bulk of the data upon which this report is based. ADN has been contributing as one of CIVICUS’s research partner organizations, providing civic space monitor reports for 9 countries in Asia.

On December 4, CIVICUS Monitor released the People Power Under Attack 2019,  a new report showing that the assault on civil society and fundamental freedoms has persisted in Asia. In this region, out of 25 countries, four are rated as closed, eight repressed and ten obstructed. Civic space in South Korea and Japan is rated as narrowed, while Taiwan is the only country rated open.

Below is an excerpt from the CIVICUS Monitor People Power Under Attack Media Release:

“Our research reveals that censorship is the most common civic space violation in Asia, occurring in 20 countries. China continues to be the main offender as it expands its censorship regime, blocking critical outlets and social media sites. This was demonstrated in the run up to the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre and during the anti-government protests in Hong Kong, when the government blocked domestic coverage of these events and employed an army of internet trolls to disrupt social media narratives and control public discourse. ….. CIVICUS is particularly alarmed by harassment and attacks of protestors in Hong Kong. Civic space is rapidly shrinking in Hong Kong since mass protests against a proposed extradition bill began in June 2019. There have been reports of excessive and lethal force by the security forces, as well as evidence of torture in detention. …… Despite this bleak picture across Asia, there are some bright spots. The Maldives repealed an anti- defamation law; Malaysia scrapped its repressive Anti-Fake News Act and Taiwan historically voted to legalize same-sex marriage.”


You can find the full media release statement HERE: CIVICUS Monitor People Power – media release Asia 4 Dec 2019

You can find the PDF version of the report HERE: GlobalMonitorReport.Dec2019.Web

For more information, kindly contact: monitor@civicus.org and visit the website: monitor.civicus.org