[PRESS RELEASE] ADN Launching the Asia Democracy Academy Program to Foster Democracy Promotion in the Region

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July 8, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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Press Release

ADN Launching the Asia Democracy Academy Program to Foster Democracy Promotion in the Region



Seoul, July 2019 – The Asia Democracy Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Asia Democracy Academy Program which aims to foster the promotion of democracy in Asia as well as prepare the next generation of democracy advocates to carry forward and preserve democratic principles. It is going to provide an in-depth practical knowledge to elevate understanding of the current democracy perspectives and challenges in the region among specific target groups- especially the youth.

ADN is hopeful that the training tools and manual to be produced through the program will immensely benefit the society and will be useful for various stakeholders in conducting training programs for practitioners, students and activists as well as those working at communities, schools, universities and other formal and informal sectors.

The program is designed to be carried out in two stages. In the first stage, a curriculum for different training purposes will be developed and made available as online and offline resources. The second stage will make the training manual accessible in multiple languages along with the implementation of the program. To start out the program, ADN will conduct a series of Focus Group Discussions with stakeholders from across the region. The objectives are to develop the curriculum, structure of training methods and tools, mapping of potential partner countries and organizations within the region for the pilot project to be implemented.

ADN humbly wishes its existing member organizations, universities and think-tanks to join in this endeavor through their valuable engagements and cooperation with us. We also welcome and extend our invitation to all the human rights and democracy education experts to join us in this process.



For more information contact:

Mr. Abhay Luthra,

Research Fellow Abhay@adnasia.org or ADN@adnasia.org