[Statement] Asia Democracy Network Demands Immediate Release of Democracy Activists in Hong Kong

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Asia Democracy Network Demands Immediate Release of Democracy Activists in Hong Kong


2017 August 18

Seoul, Korea – On 17 August 2017, Hong Kong democracy activists, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, and Alex Chow, were sentenced to jail for six to eight months on unlawful assembly of the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. This comes as a repeal to last year’s sentence to community service for the activists.


The Asia Democracy Network condemns the jail sentences and the Hong Kong government’s disregard for the rule of law and fundamental freedoms of all people. In addition to the disqualification of Nathan Law, an elected official, from political office on charges of faulty oath the sentence restricts the activists from running for local elections for the next five years. It is clear that the government is attempting to silence young progressive voices.


Hong Kong’s infringement of basic freedoms by jailing activists for expressing their views and exercising their right to assembly is a politically motivated deterrence of future protests. The intentions are clear that the government is trying to keep the youth voices out of elected politics.

The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) stands in solidarity with the jailed activists and demands their immediate release. Despite the attempts to silence the people’s voice for democracy, ADN will continue the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong as a regional effort.


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