ADN 2013-2015 Reference Documents

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March 15, 2016
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April 8, 2016
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I. ADN Internal Governance Meetings

1. ADN Founding Assembly (2013 October 21-22, Seoul, Korea)

s   Charter of Principle

s   Terms of Reference

s   Seoul Democracy Declaration

2. ADN Steering Committee Meeting

s  1st Steering Committee Meeting (2014 February 5, Singapore, Singapore)

s  2nd Steering Committee Meeting (2014 September 12, Taipei, Taiwan)

s  3rd Steering Committee Meeting (2015 March 22, New Delhi, India)

s  4th Steering committee Meeting (2015 November 1, Seoul, South Korea)

s  5th Steering Committee and Strategic Planning Meeting (2016 January 12-13, Bangkok, Thailand)

3. Regional Strategic Planning

s   1st Regional Strategic Planning (2014 April 20-21, Bangkok, Thailand)

s   2nd Regional Strategic Planning (2014 September 11, Taipei, Taiwan)

II. Conferences and meetings (co)-organized by ADN

1. International Solidarity Conference, Exchange and Missions

s  International Solidarity Conference on Thailand (2014 July 16-17, Manila, Philippines)

s  Solidarity Visit to Cambodia (2014 October 6-10, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

s  International Solidarity Conference on Justice and Accountability in Sri Lanka (2015 January 31 – February 1, Bangkok, Thailand)

s  OSF-ADN Study tour of Mongolian CSOs: support for strategy development of Mongolian CSOs (2015 January 19-23, Seoul, Korea)

s  Asian Solidarity Mission to Tibetans in Exile Preliminary Elections (2015 October 15-20, Dharamsala, India)

s  International Conference on Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka (2016 February 17-18, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

2. Future of Human Rights ad Democracies in Asia with FORUM-ASIA

s   1st Future of Human Rights and Democracy (2015 May 16, Gwangju, Korea)

s   2nd Future of Human Rights and Democracy (2015 July 27, Bangkok, Thailand)

s   3rd Future of Human Rights and Democracy (2015 August 25, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

3. Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia Academy (GALAA)

s   Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia Academy (GALAA) II (2014 August 2-9, Bangkok, Thailand)

s   Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia Academy (GALAA) III (2015 August 1-8, Bangkok, Thailand)

4. International/regional/sub-regional meetings

a) Northeast Asia

s   NEADF Meeting (2014 September 13, Taipei, Taiwan)

s   Transparent Ulaanbaatar – Anti-Corruption Forum (2014 October 6-7, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

s   Ulaanbaatar Civic Forum (2014 November, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

s   East Asia Democracy Forum (2015 September, Kanazawa, Japan)

b) Southeast Asia

ACSC/APF ADN-FA-SEACA workshop: Strengthening Democracy in Asia and the Role of Community of Democracies (2015 April 24, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

c) South Asia

s   PSAARC-ASEAN Meeting: Regional Human Rights Mechanism, Inter-Regional Dialogue on ASEAN and SAARC (2014 November 23, Kathmandu, Nepal)

s   Roundtable on the State of Democracy in South Asia (2015 March 22, New Delhi, India)

d) Regional

s   WMD/ADN FOAA Consultation (2014 February 3-4, Singapore)

s   ADN-ADA – Promoting accountability and democratic governance in Asia (2015 January, Bangkok, Thailand)

s   Strengthening Democracy in Asia: Inclusion, Participation, and Rights (2015 March 23-24, New Delhi, India)

s   International Day of Democracy Online Campaign (2015 September 15)

s   8th Assembly of World Movement for Democracy, “Empowering Civil Society for Democracy and Its Renewal” (2015 November 1-4, Seoul, South Korea)

s  Asia Democracy Forum, “The State of Democracy in Asia – Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society” (2015 November 2, Seoul, South Korea)

e) UN General Assembly on Post-2015 Development Agenda with ADA

s   UN General Assembly Side event – Open forum on justice and governance: ensuring justice and governance in the post-2015 development goals with INFID (2014 September 22, New York, USA)

s   UN Human Rights Council Side event – Local government and human rights: the role of local government in the promotion and protection of human rights (2015 September 18, Geneva, Switzerland)

s   UN General Assembly Side event – Addressing implementation: Translating SDGs into national development agenda (2015 September 23, New York, USA)

III. Community of Democracies (CD) – related Meetings

1) EAI-ADN Empowering Community of Democracies (2014 November 24-25, Seoul, Korea)
2) Community of Democracies 8th Ministerial Conference (2015 July 22-24, San Salvador, El Salvador)
3) Community of Democracies – International Steering Committee (ISC) (2015 September 28, New York, USA)


IV. International Meetings attended by the ADN representatives

1) Bali Civil Society Forum and Bali Democracy Forum (2014 October 9, Bali, Indonesia)
2) Education for Democracy – Institute of Social Sciences (2015 June 25-26, New Delhi, India)
3) Closing Civil Society Space Gathering – CIVICUS (2015 October 14-15, Geneva, Switzerland)


V. ADN statements from 2013 – 2015

New Asian Civil Society Democracy Network Seeks Participation in Bali Democracy Forum (2013 November 7)

ADN calls for the observance of peaceful and transparent elections in Nepal (2013 November 17)

ADN’s message on the International Human Rights Day (2013 December 10)

ADN welcomes UN Privacy Resolution (2014 January 6)

Condemnation of coup d’etat by Thai Military (2014 May 23)

Statement of international solidarity group for Thai democracy and human rights (2014 September)

Condemnation of the violent crackdown of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong (2014 September 29)

Concern of Indonesia’s scrapping of direct local elections and freedom of assembly (2014 October 9)

Cambodia at a crossroads: New laws would limit freedoms (2014 October 9)

People’s SAARC 2014 Declaration (2014 November 22-24)

ASEAN-Korea’s concern over Thai military ruler participation (2014 December 12)

ADN calls for a peaceful transition of power in Sri Lanka (2015 January 12)

Urgent call for action: save the Rohingya and Bangladeshi stranded in the Sea (2015 May 23)

Joint letter: Work with civil society to address restrictions in draft LANGO in Cambodia (2015 May 7)

Joint letter: Withdraw draft LANGO (Law on Associations and non-governmental organizations) in Cambodia (2015 June 22)

ADN supports citizen-led protest against Japan’s security bills (2015 September 3)

ADN in full support for Malaysia’s fight for democracy (2015 September 3)

Statement of concern on Lao PDR and the ACSC/APF 2016 (2015 September 10)

ADN statement in observance of the International Day of Democracy (2015 September)

Asia solidarity mission to support Tibetans in Exile Preliminary Elections 2015 (2015 September 25)

ADN congratulates the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2015 October 16)

ADN condemning the attack against rally in Turkey (2015 October 16)

ADN expresses concerns over the state of emergency in Maldives (2015 November 7)

ADN welcomes the new constitution; concerns over the political and humanitarian crisis in Nepal (2015 November 18)

ADN statement on Myanmar’s national election of November 8, 2015 (2015 November 19)

ADN’s endorsement on UNGA’s resolution on human rights defenders draft resolution (2016 January 6)

Taiwan Election: Reaffirming Democratic Values (2016 January 22)

30th Anniversary of Philippines EDSA (2016 February 25)