[Statement] Asia Democracy Network Calls for a Peaceful Transition of Power in Sri Lanka

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Asia Democracy Network Calls for a Peaceful Transition of Power in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has elected a new president, Maithripala Sirisena. A mark in history has been made and the will of the people spoken. The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) commends the recent victory, placing an end to a decade of rule that has become overly authoritarian engulfed with nepotism and corruption.

ADN urges that a peaceful transition of power takes place. The will of the people must be upheld and that reprisals against lawyers, human rights activists, and journalists not tolerated. Importantly, we call on the international community to continue its campaign to raise awareness on the concern for Sri Lanka’s record of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance of human rights defenders, ensuring proper investigation and accountability on these offenses.

Importantly, the new government is called to ensure cooperation with the United Nations Human Rights Council mandated international investigation into the alleged war crimes against humanity committed by the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil Tigers as a result of civil war. The international community are encouraged to continue to spread awareness and maintain accountability on this issue.

The people of Sri Lanka have expressed through votes their demand for democracy, good governance and fundamental freedoms. The Asia Democracy Network congratulates the people of Sri Lanka on inducing change through the basic democratic principles, elections.

With the new government opening a new chapter, Sri Lanka is challenged to introduce democratic reforms and bringing in lasting peace and finding a political solution to the ethnic conflict. ADN will continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka during this important time of transition of power and the continuing challenges.

Asia Democracy Network 

ADN Statement_Ongoing Challenges in Sri Lanka (PDF)